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Posted on September 24, 2012 by John. There have been comments

When it comes to top of the line motocross racing helmets, very few models can compete with the brand new 2012 Fox V4 Carbon edition. With only two variations to choose from, it’s certainly not the largest collection of helmets we have seen in a series – even from Fox. Regardless, the helmets available in the 2012 Fox V4 Carbon line rank amongst the best helmets the sport has ever seen.

There are a lot of special features seen in this helmet that set it apart from some of the other models that are currently available on the market. One thing that will be immediately noticed – especially by riders with a budget – is the price tag. While the 2012 Fox V4 Carbon will cost you a cool $549.95, regardless of what specific model you buy, the technical prowess seen in the helmet is well worth the additional cost.

Firstly, the 2012 Fox V4 Carbon is available in four different sizes: Extra Small/Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large/XX Large. This size reflects not only the outer shell of the helmet, but the internal EPS liner, as well – which makes for a precise, comfortable fit regardless of your size or age. The helmet’s shell – which exceeds all standards set forth by Snell 2010 and DOT – is constructed of a carbon fiber blend, which is capable of achieving an unparalleled level of strength.

The dual density EPS liner of the 2012 Fox V4 Carbon is built in anatomically correct fashion, which lets it wrap around your head for great security and protection. The firm outside layer is meant to absorb impact and disperse energy, while a softer internal layer rests against your skin for a smooth, soft feel. The 2012 Fox V4 Carbon also utilizes a patented Dry Lex comfort liner, which wicks moisture away from your skin and enhances the overall feel and comfort of the helmet. Additional cheek pads inside the helmet offer increased safety and protection.

There is also plenty of ventilation seen in the 2012 Fox V4 Carbon. A total of 16 intake valves are present throughout the shell, as well as eight separate exhaust ports. These work in tandem to provide an unprecedented amount of cool airflow and ventilation throughout the helmet at all times. Additional, four large intake ports around the brow of the helmet work to provide a constant stream of cool, refreshing air to the face.

Fox’s 2012 V4 Carbon helmet is available in one of two different designs. The basic version, the 2012 Fox V4 Flight Carbon helmet, features a color scheme of white, black, and grey. If you want something that is a little bit more colorful, the Fox 2012 V4 Future Carbon helmet incorporates shades of red, black, and white. Each helmet includes the Fox head logo on the side and a traditional Fox branding elsewhere on the helmet. Both versions of the 2012 Fox V4 Carbon helmet are available at retailers now.

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