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Gaerne SG-10 Review

Posted on November 24, 2011 by John. There have been comments

gaerne sg-10 bootsThe SG-10 is an Italian made pair of motocross boots from Gaerne. Up until Gaerne came out with the SG-12, the SG-10 was said to be one of the best pairs of boots on the market. I happen to think they're still a great buy now, especially at $325 a pair. The masses agree with me too, raving over how comfortable and protective these boots feel from the moment they put them on.

Gaerne SG-10 Safety Features

The safety feature that stands out to me the most is Gaerne's Razor Back Pivot System. This unique system keeps you from being able to move your legs/feet from side to side, which will help keep you from rolling your ankles. However, you can move your legs forward/backward so that you can still shift and brake. The pivot system combined with the dual composite soles will absorb some of the shock when flatting or casing jumps, too.
Another feature would be the grip guards. These are located on the inner outside of the boots, and will help to keep you on your bike. You'll also benefit from it as it protects you from the heat given off by your motor and exhaust.

Are the Gaerne SG-10s Comfortable?

Riders sure think so, with some even commenting that they liked them better than the top of the line boots from Alpinestars and Answer.
A benefit that stood out to me was the little to no break-in period required. This is ideal so that you don't have to worry about missing a shift or finding the brakes. This is another benefit thanks to the Razor Back system.
There were plenty of (happy) reports on how the boots felt before and after riding. The inside of the boot uses a memory foam cell PU liner, so riders said the boots were very cushy/plush when first putting them on. I even noticed a forum post by a racer that said he was really surprised on how good these boots felt, even after the ride where other (new) boots would normally hurt his feet.
A personal favorite is the ability to adjust/replace the buckles. Just undo the buckles and you can slide them in/out to make the tops of the boots more narrow/wide. This is ideal for guys who have wide calves or that maybe wear thick socks or braces. The fact that you can replace the straps if/when you break them is awesome too -- no more having to replace your boots. The buckles actually latch/unlatch too without needing a hammer and chisel, unlike Alpinestars' other boots.

Decision Time: Should You Buy a Pair of SG-10s?

Hell yes. With some shopping around, you can find these boots for $300-$325. I don't think you'll be able to find a (much) better boot for that price. Dirt Rider Magazine agrees, giving these boots a 97/100. Transworld Motocross has even gone as far as to say that the SG-10s have set the standard that they'll measure all other boots by. Standard setting boots for $325??? Easy purchase in my opinion.

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